Baby rooms

Room for the baby

     If you are expecting a baby , it's safe to think about how to furnish your baby's room. It is probably most moms rejoice. Interiors baby's room is a great pleasure and creativity . The possibilities are various .
If you ae in the beginning the baby stay in the room where they sleep and parents , the playground as possible so sweet edit. Our suggestion is to start from the crib.
To make rooms look harmonious, our suggestion is that the bed is in line with the furniture that is already in the room . The selection is huge , wood in natural color , dark wood , painted in white or any other color .
It is very important to choose a good mattress , because the baby spends most of his time in bed . A good and comfortable sleep is very important for the baby , for her peace of mind and well-being.
If possible, set aside a special bed to the wall , then the wall can this painted in a completely different color than the other , pre-existing walls. Take care not to be pastel , soothing colors , not flashy , vibrant , that would certainly bother you and the baby. The wall can be divided into two parts horizontally and part to which reaches krevetacm painted in a single color or wallpaper paste , and the other part is painted in a different color . Between set bordurnu bar , which agrees with the upper and lower part .
Great way to help moms and dads a dresser for baby changing . In addition to the higher area where change your baby , it is usually located under the tray where you can drop off diaper wardrobe
 . Cabinets can be coupled to the crib and can be made ​​from the same wood as the crib or even be from the same collection as a crib.
Avoid to put in the baby's cot soft toys , because they collect dust , if you prefer , is a sufficient one . When the baby is 2-3 months , can it at the crib pin his musical carousel , select one with a pleasant relaxing music .

baby rooms

Bedding was a real pleasure , you can choose colorful in various tones and monochromatic .
It is important to choose 100 % cotton , because that baby like best. The sheet on which the baby sleeps is very important , choose flannel for winter days or knitted cotton for summer . Such materials are warm , soft and comfortable . Note : pillow baby is not needed. Choose a blanket , in accordance with linen , flying select cozy terry blanket , a soft blanket in winter .
In the winter the heat, especially if it is even, it would be good to get a humidifier , the baby would not have clogged nosic .
To a room or baby's Corner enjoyable done , add a small , cute lamp with dim light , the wall can dangle your baby's first photos eg in white frames . It's always kind of sophisticated and classy.
The curtains in the room it would be good to be cotton , although not necessary , and nets are required in the summer.
Be sure to ventilate the baby's room , because it is important that the room is not stagnant air.