Baby Furniture

Baby Furniture

All prospective parents , it is clear what this should read : bed , a changing table , commode , tub chair for baby mattress ... but here are some useful tips on what you should pay attention when buying these things .
Make sure that the color of painted stuff is lead free, strong and stable structure ; smooth edges and rounded corners ; that where there is a need safety belts . Avoid rough edges , sharp points and elements that can be torn ; unprotected hinges and springs.

Baby Cribs

They are excellent beds which the page can be lowered if necessary . When buying a crib look that nice covered grid , the height of the mattress can be adjusted to at least three levels , the rods for height adjustment are metal and has wheels .
Crib mattress should be firm , that he springs deeply embedded and well secured and that the size fits the crib . If in a family there are people with allergies should buy a hypoallergenic mattress .

Baby changing table

It can be a table or chest of drawers specially designed for the changing table , or improvisation of the things you already have. See that you measure the height and fits ; the coating can be monitored ; to have safety belts ; you are diapers and baby cosmetics are at your fingertips .

Crib mattresses

As well as crib mattresses, you can find a lot more essentials for your baby in offers at companies of our site. There are a big range of furniture that will come in pretty handy, from changing tables to storage for all those cute clothes. A lot of it belongs to series, so you can create a coordinated look in your baby’s room. 

Baby textiles

Textiles are what really make a space feel warm and cozy – from soft bed linen to wrap up in, a fluffy rug to play on, or curtains to block out the light. It should be used safe, soft materials in our baby textiles. And the fact that many also use colors and textures to stimulate your baby’s development? We think that’s a nice touch, too.

Baby toys

From the moment babies come into the world, they are using their senses to make sense of it. But, these senses aren’t fully developed yet, which is why stimulating them is so important. And so much fun! Should baby toys use sounds, textures and bold colors to provide safe stimulation. No harmful chemicals, just loads of giggles.

Storage furniture

We may want them to stay small forever, but our children grow up. Fast! We believe that their furniture should keep up with all the changes. Children’s storage furniture is made to be used for years – with wardrobes that let you adjust the height of the clothes rails as your kid gets older, and cabinets where you can remove the changing tables once your little one is (finally) out of diapers.


Get your baby started with the world of food in safety and comfort with high chairs. Stable high chairs come in different designs, colors and materials to help you find something that suits you and your baby. For babies, learning to eat by themselves is a big step in their development. It can also be really, really messy. Also, companies on our site has to offer children’s tableware, from bowls and bibs to training cups and feeding spoons. Whatever you need to make mealtimes easier for both you and your baby, it’s worth taking a look.

Car seats

You have a choice of two types of car seat for your baby: an infant car seat or a convertible car seat. A rear-facing infant car seat (suitable for babies up to 22 or 35 pounds and 29 to 32 inches tall) fits babies snugly during the first year or so. A convertible seat – so called because it converts from a rear-facing seat for babies and toddlers to a forward-facing seat – carries children from birth to somewhere between 40 and 80 pounds and up to 50 inches tall, depending on the seat.