Baby Crib Buying Guide

Baby Crib Buying Guide

The crib is one of the most important pieces of baby equipment. Pay attention to the selection of the crib to match all key factors : safety , comfort , and design needs of babies with their financial capabilities .


Safety is the most important aspect when choosing a crib for the baby. Note that if the width between the slats of the standard distance , as recommended , the baby would not be able to squeeze and stuck my head between .

Also, if you decide for a portable crib , make sure that when you place your mattress and bedding stays free space between the fence and the crib .



When choosing a crib you will have a choice :
Do you want pronosivi ( from the screen, which can be easily assembled ) or classic wooden ?
Which color you want to be?
From what kind of wood ?
Whether painted or varnished ?
Do you want a bed that has the ability to multi-level settings of the mattress ?
Do you want a wooden bed that has a mobile site?
Do you want a bed that can be transformed into a bed for the baby ?
Consider these options and what works best for you before you go shopping.

Baby Crib Buying Guide

New or Used

You can buy used baby crib , if you have that option . You may have saved your old bed or Partner who can really nice look , especially if you paint it a color that appeals to you . What is important to make sure the second-hand crib is how sturdy and stable . Because your baby's safety is important to nowhere slats are razglavljene or something can hurt .

Crib that becomes a bed

You can buy a bed somewhat larger than normal , usually it comes to bed measuring 70 x 140cm ( standard 60 x 120cm ) . Most cribs of this size has the option to take at least one page completely removed and the child can only be in and out of bed. There are models where the side panels removed and the bed is transformed into a little bed .

In some models of portable cribs have the option to be in one part of the open zipper and child so you can only enter and leave the crib .

The advantage of these cribs is that you can adapt to the child's needs in phases.

On the other hand, if you are planning soon a new baby or have an older child and you want to provide them with bunk beds or another option , this option is unnecessary , and would be sufficient standard bed sizes.

Adjustable height mattress

This feature has multiple benefits . Namely, whether it be a timber or a portable crib and it is important that the mattress is more positions .

Mom who just gave birth will mean that there is a highest position of the mattress so could easily take the baby and returned to the bed , without having to be bent over the side of the page . This option is especially difficult for women who have had a cesarean section .

Equally important is that the bed may have the lower position , so when the baby starts to stand do not could easily skip page crib and fall out of it.

In addition to the height of the mattress , you can in some wooden models have the option of landing pages in order to help the baby was readily available , especially if the bed is positioned next to your bed.