Baby Furniture Stores

All prospective parents , it is clear what this should read : bed , a changing table , commode , tub chair for baby mattress ... but here are some useful tips on what you should pay attention when buying these things .
Make sure that the color of painted stuff is lead free, strong and stable structure ; smooth edges and rounded corners ; that where there is a need safety belts . Avoid rough edges , sharp points and elements that can be torn ; unprotected hinges and springs.

Baby Cribs

They are excellent beds which the page can be lowered if necessary . When buying a crib look that nice covered grid , the height of the mattress can be adjusted to at least three levels , the rods for height adjustment are metal and has wheels .
Crib mattress should be firm , that he springs deeply embedded and well secured and that the size fits the crib . If in a family there are people with allergies should buy a hypoallergenic mattress .

Baby changing table

It can be a table or chest of drawers specially designed for the changing table , or improvisation of the things you already have. See that you measure the height and fits ; the coating can be monitored ; to have safety belts ; you are diapers and baby cosmetics are at your fingertips .


Look at the bottom of the rugs (or place a towel , diaper or rubber mat that your baby does not slip ) , it is easy to wash and move , it's large enough now , and when your baby reaches four , five months.


We could have , but you do not need . More practical than your lap and it's much easier to feed your baby in her than in her lap. The most significant of these chairs is that the baby can roll over ; have straps that tie around the waist and a baby that has divider between the legs .

Box of toys

You might now seem unnecessary but believe me you will need certainly more pieces . You will not resist not to buy your child a toy or a teddy bear while walking around town . When you buy a box to watch the cover is easy to be removed or it can stand without being slammed to the edges and corners are rounded and have ventilation holes .